Vector Drawing for the Rest of Us

Vector Studio is a free, easy to use vector drawing program.

With an integrated button designer, you have the perfect tool for producing quick and easy buttons for use on your web pages or anywhere else you might need them.

Vector Studio is powered by a fast, advanced, hardware accelerated and fully anti-aliased graphics engine and an office ribbon interface that delivers a refined and polished experience to you.

Vector Studio Screenshot



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Vector Studio Features

Vector Studio supports the following features:

      • Fully interactive vector graphics editing with over 60 commands available, and new commands being added often.
      • An Office 2007 ribbon interface, which uses the latest thinking in usability and interface design.
      • Full support for gradients with unlimited color stops and an intuitive gradient editor.
      • Over 8,000 clip art images available.
      • Full undo for all commands with unlimited undo levels.
      • The ability to have multiple drawings open at once.
      • Support for printing to your local printer.
      • Importing drawings from SVG files.
      • Render drawings to PNG, JPG and GIF images.
      • Powered by a fast, advanced, hardware accelerated and fully anti-aliased graphics engine.

A fully integrated Button Designer

Are you sick of crappy buttons? Use Vector Studio and render all kinds of nice buttons.

With Vector Studio you’re able to use a rich interactive interface to design your buttons. There are tons of options available to help you make beautiful attractive buttons. The interface is very interactive and features live previews of your changes so you can instantly see what your button is going to look like.

Button Screenshot
Text Effects
    • Multiple Lines of Text
    • Outlines
    • Fill Gradients (Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal and Radial)
    • Shadows and Glow Effects
Button Styles
    • Fill Gradients (Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal and Radial)
    • Outlines
    • Shadows and Glow Effects
Shadow Styles
    • Drop Shadow
    • Glow
    • Mirror
Button Shapes
    • Rounded Rectangle
    • Squared Rectangle
    • Pill
    • Ellipse
    • Circle
Mouse Over Effects
    • Bright
    • Spot
    • Glow
    • Emboss
Button Effects
    • Flat
    • 3D Sharp
    • 3D Round
    • Bordered
    • Metal 3D
    • Gel
    • Glass

Dear Vector Studio Users,

Vector Studio is now free.  It is now free to use it however you would like.

The online services that were a big part of the Vector Studio will no longer be supported.

Thank you for using Vector Studio.

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP
  • Processor: 400 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent (Minimum); 1GHz Pentium processor or equivalent (Recommended)
  • RAM: 256 MB (Minimum); 1024 MB (Recommended)
  • Hard Disk: Up to 20 MB of available space may be required
  • CD or DVD Drive: Not required
  • Display: 1024 x 768 resolution (Minimum)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are vector graphics?

A:Unlike bitmap photo images, vector graphics are defined using geometrical primitives such as lines, curves, and shapes.  Vector graphics have the benefit of being scalable without losing clarity.

Q: Is Vector Studio going to be available on the Mac or Linux?

A: No, Vector Studio will only support Windows for the foreseeable future.

Q: How do I save or open a file?

A: Click on the orb on the top left corner of the program to bring up the file menu.  All operations that can be done to a file are grouped on this menu.  Or you could press Alt+F on the keyboard to bring up the file menu.

Known Issues

  • Vector Studio can crash when using certain local fonts that are in an invalid font format.
  • Unable to click select invisible elements that contain no fill or stroke.  They can be selected using the select all, invert selection and select by brush commands.
  • Under Windows XP Vector Studio can not be started without an internet connection.
  • Network mode stays enabled after network connection is lost, so you may get errors if you lose internet access while Vector Studio is running and then use the online services.
  • Combine geometry commands that are used with flat lines may produce unexpected geometries.